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Tutoring Program K-12 / College Prep

How do we fix the Learning Loss learners are experiencing due to the Covid Lockdowns?

  • Studies show that families tend to explore several options, including:

  • Summer school

  • Teacher professional development

  • Tutoring

  • Extended academic school day or year

  • Grade retention

C1ssact offers several educational programs based upon our clients' needs.

Below are some areas of focus to aid students achieving their educational goals.

Oral Language

  • Communication skills

  • Dramatic Reading

  • Sing-alongs / Rhymes


  • Phonics (K-2)

  • Sight words (K-2)

  • Vocabulary

  • Poems

  • Fiction

  • Non-fiction

  • Literacy Skills: plot, setting, character, figurative language, etc.

  • Parts of Speech


  • Print in manuscript

  • Print in cursive (Middle School)

  • Sentences

  • Paragraphs

  • Summaries

  • Letters

  • Emails

  • Essays

  • College Essays

  • SAT Essays

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